Sticky Traps
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  • No messy glue - the glue stays on the trap—does not come off on your hands.
  • Pre-punched hole—easy to hang above the canopy.
  • Pointed end—for placement in potted plants.
  • Use Scout IPM Cards in your Pest Management Program
  • To aid in insect identification and life stage to target pesticide application.
  • Determine areas of the greenhouse where insect populations are entering.
  • To track hot spots and population trends to develop a history of monitoring information to improve pest control strategies.
  • Available in Yellow

Monitor Locations for Pest Problems

  • Near ventilators, doors and passage ways into the greenhouse
  • Below the benches
  • At the gutter levels
  • Near indicator plants or plants known to show symptoms early
  • Six (6) Traps
  • Item #: StickyTrap

Sticky Traps

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